Terms and Conditions


How You Ship To Us

Importing endangered species into the United States is ILLEGAL per US law. Please follow the steps outlined below CAREFULLY. European Watch Company is not liable for seized watches or fines related to the negligent or improper shipment of alligator straps to European Watch Company.

When sending an alligator strapped watch from an international address to European Watch Company:

  1. 1. REMOVE alligator, crocodile, ostrich or lizard straps from the watch. Do NOT include them in the package. It is illegal.
  2. 2. PERMITTED WATCH STRAPS PER UNITED STATES LAW: Calf/Cow leather, Rubber, Fabric, All Metal Bracelets.
  3. 3. Be sure to INCLUDE original pins, spring bars, buckles, and clasps in the package when sending it to us. Please ensure the watch is SECURE within the box and put the accessories in a safe container so they do not scratch the watch during transit and are not discarded during opening.
  4. 4. European Watch Company is not liable for lost accessories due to poor packaging.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a US law designed to protect and conserve threatened and endangered species and their habitats. It prohibits the import, export, and trade of endangered species without proper permits or exemptions. Penalties for violating the ESA can include substantial fines, imprisonment, forfeiture of assets, and civil penalties. Repeat offenders or those found guilty of more serious violations may face harsher penalties. The ESA also allows for the recovery of damages caused by illegal activities, including the cost of restoration and rehabilitation efforts for affected species and habitats.

To read more about the Endangered Species Act (ESA) follow this link:


How We Ship To You

In accordance with The Endangered Species Act, it is illegal for the European Watch Company to export watches with alligator straps.

European Watch Company shall substitute the alligator strap with an alternative strap fabricated from cow leather or offer a discount for the new owner to buy an alligator strap locally to comply with applicable laws.

This measure is undertaken to mitigate the risk of legal impediments and safeguard the integrity of your purchase during transit.